For Locates Call 811 or 800-545-6005

March 31, 2020


During Covid-19 Pandemic

Now, more than ever, CALL 811 BEFORE EVERY DIG.  Preventing damage to our vital utility infrastructure is particularly important during these uncertain times.  No one wants to be responsible for preventable utility outages.

Here’s what you need to know now:

  • The 811 phone number and Texas811 are fully operational and ready to process your locate requests.  To assist the Texas811 call center, you can request locates online using their Portal at  
  • Locators, like all of us, are experiencing stretched and reduced workforces which may impact their response time in locating your worksite.  Please, do not begin excavating until your site has been fully marked and expect some delays.  
  • Respect the locator’s marks.  If your work area extends beyond the original area you requested to have marked, request another locate.  This isn’t the time to fudge and think digging a few inches beyond the marks won’t matter.  
  • White line* your work area for the locators.  Texas811 data shows that dig sites that were white lined have half the damages of worksites that were not white lined.  This is an excellent time to begin white lining all excavations.

*White lining is the process excavators use to mark the perimeter of their worksite prior to it being located, usually with white paint or flags. It allows locators to see the exact boundaries of the worksite to ensure they locate all of the necessary work area and, in some situations, shortens the time required on site by the locator.